fourTheorem is a new breed of software consultancy focused on cloud architecture, DevOps, and artificial intelligence. We provide expertise and solutions that enable our customers to be leaders in the fourth wave of industrialization.

Our Ethos

Being on the crest of the fourth wave of technological innovation requires a new way of doing business. Our experienced team have built a different type of global technology consultancy to help customers embrace this fourth industrial revolution.

We do remarkable work for our customers with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and DevOps as we believe these to be the most valuable and disruptive technological forces in the market today. We do this by hiring passionate and motivated people and putting them to work on really cool projects that accelerate our client's technological journey.

fourTheorem is not your average consultancy and we are not doing business-as-usual.

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Our Leadership Team

Peter Elger - fourTheorem sofware consutancy Chief Executive Officer

Peter Elger

Chief Executive Officer

Peter started his career working as a software architect at the Joint-Jet Fusion Undertaking in the UK where he spent 6 years building acquisition, control and data analytics systems for nuclear fusion research. Peter has held technical leadership roles across a broad base of the IT industry in both the research and commercial sectors including nuclear fusion, software disaster recovery, telecommunications and social media. Prior to founding fourTheorem, Peter was co-founder and CTO of Stitcher Ads (https://stitcherads.com) and co-founder and CTO of nearForm (https://www.nearform.com).

He is a recognized thought leader on scalable cloud platforms and has extensive experience in building software systems that range from media platforms through to nuclear control systems that he developed while working in JET. Peter has a B.Sc. in Physics and an M.Sc. in Computer Science. Peter likes lifting really heavy weights and kick-boxing when not mashing the keyboard and delivering projects.

James - Dadd - fourTheorem sofware consutancy Chief Technology Offficer

James Dadd

Chief Operating Officer

A geophysicist by training, James started his career using and supporting massively parallel IBM RS/6000 SP systems required for crunching vast amounts of seismic survey data in the oil and gas industry. He has also held technical leadership positions across a wide range of industry sectors, including scientific/technical (PGS Tensor), software and technology (Dell EMC), and managed services disaster recovery (Indigo Stone - acquired by Dell EMC).

He specializes in Cloud Infrastructure deployments, DevOps, operational improvements and streamlining. He has deployed and operated SaaS environments, and puts the Ops in our DevOps playbook. James has a B.Sc. in Geography and Geology and an MBA from UMass Amherst. He is also an AWS certified Solutions Architect (SAA) and SysOps Administrator (SOA). Apart from stopping Peter mash his keyboard, he enjoys sailing, cycling, and running.

James - Dadd - fourTheorem sofware consutancy Chief Technology Offficer

Eoin Shanaghy

Chief Technology Officer

Eoin is a seasoned technology leader, architect and developer with experience in building and scaling systems for dynamic startups and large enterprises. Having graduated with a B.A. in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, he built distributed 3G network management systems with CORBA and Enterprise Java at Ericsson and Arantech. He then moved to Amsterdam where he worked as part of the team building Hewlett-Packard's enterprise application server. This was followed by a move to the investment banking sector, designing and building real-time trading applications for Fortis Bank.

Since returning to Ireland in 2009, Eoin has held senior technology positions in digital video at Digisoft and e-learning at Edappy as well as founding Showpiper, a video content marketing startup. He is passionate about continuous deployment, lean product development and working with happy, highly-productive teams that know how to deliver business value.

When Eoin has had it with all the keyboard mashing, he likes to go running, play piano and on rare occasions, the trombone.

Fiona - McKenna - fourTheorem Chief Financial Officer

Fiona McKenna

Chief Financial Officer

Fiona is a seasoned start-up CFO with almost 20 years experience supporting start-ups from diverse industries including Telecoms, Travel, Innovative cleaning & disinfectant through to Software Professional Services.

She has held diverse roles at Board and Exec Management level in Finance, Legal & Regulatory, and HR and understands business from a global perspective having travelled extensively to the US and the UK as part of her previous roles.

She is passionate about great business culture and ensuring software products support real business goals. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (FCCA). When not mashing her own ergonomic keyboard – she’s a keen sailor and has recently taken up golf – creating some interesting decisions around how best to spend sunny dry summer weekends!

Advising our board

Paul Clarke

Dr Paul Clarke

Board Advisor

Paul is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing at Dublin City University, actively engaged in research examining the ability to adapt the software development process and how this relates to organisational performance. His other research interests include continuous software engineering, human aspects of software development, core software development process, and gamification as applied to software development. In the past, he has also been actively engaged in medical device software development research, working as Research Manager for the MDevSPICE® medical device software process assessment framework project.

Paul has a passion for growing Irish software engineering competence and value, with bridging academia and industry, and advancing the state of the art in software engineering. In addition to fourTheorem Ltd, he is also an Advisory Board member for Optimality Technologies Ltd. He has a keen interest in the commercialisation of impactful research and, prior to returning to academia full time in 2008, held a number of posts in various software development companies, including the FINEOS Corporation, Arantech Limited and Logica Plc.

Paul is a member of Lero - The Irish Software Research Centre, and an Irish national delegate to ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1, Sub-Committee 7: Software and Systems Engineering, where he contributes to the development of international best practice software process frameworks.

Paul's University bio page, Google Scholar profile, and Research Gate profile.