Cork AI Meet-up 2 - Deep Learning for newborn baby brainwaves plus hands-on TensorFlow and Keras

Peter Elger

January 25th 2018

hosted by Peter Elger / Keelin Murphy

fourTheorem took part in setting up the second Cork AI meet-up. This meet-up started off with a presentation from guest speaker Alison O’Shea of INFANT center, UCC on her work using deep learning for analysis of brain-waves (EEG) of newborn infants. Followed by a tutorial by Keelin Murphy on how to implement deep learning modules with the Keras framework. Video of Alison from Meet-up- newborn baby brainwaves plus hands-on TensorFlow and Keras

In the second part of the evening we continued with some hands-on coding, refreshing memories on the convolutional neural network we implemented in the last session and illustrating how we can simplify the coding for this using the Keras framework ( Here is a video from the Meet-up - “from TensorFlow to Keras”

Details of Meet-up

intro to TensorFlow and Keras by fourTheorem's Peter Elger