devopsdays NYC

18-19th January 2018

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devopsdays is a worldwide community conference series for anyone interested in IT improvement.

Conference website: Click here

Day 1 sessions:

  • John Willis - Devops - Almost 10 Years - What a Strange Long Trip It's Been (Keynote)
  • Kishore Jalleda - DevOps is more about Customer Feedback and Quick Learning than Culture, Process and Tools
  • Bridget Kromhout - Cloud, Containers, Kubernetes
  • Liz Fong-Jones, Adam Mckaig - Resolving Outages Faster with Better Debugging Strategies
  • Manish Patel - Accelerate DevOps Adoption With a Dojo
  • Thomas A. Limoncelli - Stealing the Best Ideas from DevOps (Closing Talk)
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