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Projects to which our team actively contribute and support.

Open Source - Fuge project

Fuge - A Microservice Shell

Developing microservices then you need Fuge in order to prevent shell-hell! Fuge is a shell environment that focuses on a specific system configuration, providing an emulation environment in which services can run in development closely matching a modern container production deployment. Perform better integration tests within your local development environment, safe in the knowledge that your configurations will port seamlessly to production.

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Open Source - Kafkaesque project


kafkaesque is a node.js client for Apache Kafka. This client supports v0.8.1 and upwards of the Kafka protocol. Kafkaesque does not require any connection to zookeeper as it uses the kafka wire protocol to determine how it should best connect and manage connections to the cluster. You need only provide Kafkaesque with the details of a single broker in any Kafka cluster and it will figure out the rest.

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Open Source - Concordant project


Concordant is a DNS resolver module for those involved in microservice development. For best results concordant should be used with the Fuge microservice shell and Kubernetes.

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Open Source - Mu project


Mu is an experimental message based router for building distributed systems. It allows messages to be routed and handled across various transports. Mu is aggressively light weight to ensure ease of use and speed of execution.

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