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february, 2020

AI: A brief history of tomorrow

Soda Social AI Session 2020

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AI has already made a global impact. Some individuals maintain a dystopian view on what the future of AI will look like, however, it cannot be ignored that AI is transforming lives; it’s empowering the visually impaired to read, it’s enabling doctors to reach larger numbers of patients and it’s completely transforming industries.

CEO Peter Elger spoke at this event in Dublin and participated in a lively panel debate on the past, present and future of AI.


All Day (Thursday)


Soda SocialThe first SODA Social of the decade was held in Dublin, and what an absolute success that was had by all. Kicking things off Alessandro Prest, Co-Founder at LogoGrab, spoke about how to build useful AI that works; ‘know when you hit the right combination of accuracy and usefulness without running out of money’.  Peter Elger, Founder at fourTheorem, discussed commoditization and how and when we can leverage commodity AI services, looking at some of the AI services that are available from the major providers and how these can be applied. Tim Bøgh Morthorst, Robotics, and cognitive automation manager at Deloitte declared ‘with great power, comes great responsibility’, discussed the importance of an operating model in securing AI responsibility.  Gianpaolo Valero, Data and AI Specialist at Microsoft trainingen talked about Microsoft’s vision on approaching AI with real-life cases and a live demo involving members of the audience.

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