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Our Story

We are future focused with an eye on the technologies that are right for you

We started our fourTheorem journey in 2017, but we’ve a tradition of successful start-ups behind us.

As strategic AWS partners, we’re adept in all areas of modern application development, embedding dynamic capabilities across the entire IT real estate, in order to maximise agility & crush complexity.






We place our culture at the heart of everything we do

It is a culture that enshrines the best and the toughest experiences that we’ve learned from as seasoned professionals and it describes the work life we choose to lead.

By distilling these hard-won insights into a set of values we display proudly, we have a guiding set of principles designed to create a successful environment where everyone can thrive.

And it’s at the core of our client engagements

We engage with our clients as problem solvers. That’s who we are and what we do for you.

We are driven to help our clients architect, build, and deliver modern technology more efficiently, unleashing you to concentrate on what truly drives your business.

We are focused on accelerating your growth, your competitiveness and your chosen business outcomes. We are your trusted strategic partner for top tier architectural guidance and premier software development.

This means we know what to look for when identifying what fits for you whether you are starting a new initiative or modernizing a legacy system. We are able to choose the right technologies at each stage and can deliver consistently and often. This is a journey when taken together, creates a synergy that translates into the right results at the right time, every time.

This is Collaborative Transformation.

Lets Work Together

We can help make your next project a success

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