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Codemotion Workshop Fest

Codemotion Workshop FestServerless Rust su AWS Lambda "for fun and profit" 

Event Details

Join Luciano Mammino in an enlightening workshop where the convergence of AWS Lambda’s flexibility and Rust’s performance is explored. Discover why Rust stands out as the ideal choice for dominating this innovative and dynamic environment. Throughout the session, participants will embark on a journey from writing their first Lambda function, “Hello World,” using Rust to learning how to test it locally and deploy it into production.

Furthermore, attendees will delve into a more substantial use case by developing an API in Rust, which will be deployed with SAM (Serverless Application Model) to manage infrastructure definitions according to the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) methodology.

This workshop promises not only practical knowledge but also inspiration to revolutionize application development practices by embracing cutting-edge technologies such as Serverless computing and Rust. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your development skills and explore the future of application architecture.


march 19 (Tuesday) - 20 (Wednesday)(GMT+00:00)