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january, 2023

From Coverage Guesswork to Targeted Test GenerationCuriosity: Software Testing Webinars

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Even when every test passes, can you say with confidence that a system is ready to go live?

Assuring quality pre-release hinges on one question: Did you run the optimal set of tests to de-risk changes made in that iteration? Too often, testing cannot answer this question, due to poor traceability between tests, user stories, code and data. 

This webinar will set out how you can measure and consistently hit the right in-sprint test coverage. Curiosity’s CTO, James Walker, and Peter Elger, CEO of fourTheorem, will set out techniques for linking tests, user stories, code and data, generating targeted tests based on changes across the SDLC.


(Wednesday) 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


CuriosityRe-entering the market in 2017, Curiosity were able to design requirements modelling, test generation, and test data solutions that are equipped for the world of test automation, DevOps, and CI/CD. Curiosity today offer effective solutions for generating user stories, test cases, and automated tests, in addition to automated solutions for finding, making and masking complete data for these evolving artefacts.

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