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NodeJS One Africa

NodeJS One AfricaThe evolution of async JavaScript and its patterns


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If you started using JavaScript in more recent years there is a chance you are relying heavily on async/await and that you try to avoid as much as possible having to deal with promises and callbacks. The truth is that async/await is built on top of promises and promises, in turn, are built on top of callbacks…

In this talk, Luciano Mammino will try to put all these concepts in order and try to build a mental framework that can help you to make the best possible use of async/await today. To master the current tools, it’s often useful to step back and learn a bit of history. This talk will also explore some common async patterns and finally explore an interesting optimisation use case that is made possible only after mastering all async journeys.


(Thursday) 1:00 pm - 1:40 pm(GMT+02:00)

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