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Rust Dublin Meetup

Rust Dublin MeetupAn intro to `nom`, parsing made easy for Rustaceans


Event Details

Rust Dublin Meetup is excited to announce a compelling talk featuring two distinguished speakers and engineers on March 6th. During this session, Roberto Gambuzzi (@gbinside) and Luciano Mammino (@loige) will deliver a pragmatic introduction to nom, a renowned Rust parser combinator crate. Essentially, nom serves as a tool that facilitates the creation of parsers, even for more intricate use cases.

Attendees will gain insights into common suboptimal parsing methods such as string splitting and regex usage. Subsequently, they will be introduced to nom along with its fundamental concepts and frequently utilized functions. The session will culminate in the presentation of various examples, ranging from simple illustrations to the construction of a comprehensive parser for RESP, the Redis Serialization Protocol.


(Wednesday) 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm(GMT+00:00)