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ServerlessDays Belfast

ServerlessDays BelfastBuilding Secure and Efficient SaaS Platforms on AWS Serverless

Event Details

ServerlessDays Belfast kicks off at the Titanic Hotel Belfast on Thursday, May 23, 2024. Nestled within the historic 100-year-old Drawing Offices, the event celebrates the transformative power of the Serverless Mindset, empowering engineers and organizations to shatter barriers and innovate beyond boundaries. With a focus on courage, ambition, and resilience, speakers from both local and international spheres will share their insights, drawing interest from across Europe and the US, and inspiring engineers in Ireland, the UK, and the local tech community.

Luciano Mammino and Guilherme Dalla Rosa will be giving a joint talk; ‘Building Secure and Efficient SaaS Platforms on AWS Serverless’. Talk Description:

Let’s go on a journey through the world of multi-tenant architectures on AWS using serverless technologies. In this talk, we will uncover the key aspects of multi-tenancy, including security, tenant isolation, and performance. We will learn how to utilise Cognito for authentication, DynamoDB to store millions of tenant-partitioned records and lambda for compute.

We will also explore different deployment models and their tradeoffs, and, finally, we will learn how to implement policy-based isolation with IAM to keep our execution context tied to one specific tenant and avoid data leakage.

By the end of this talk, you will feel more confident building SaaS applications on AWS with serverless technologies and you will have learned some of the many insights that come from the AWS Well-Architected SaaS Lens.


All Day (Thursday)(GMT+00:00)