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High Performance Compute

A gateway to accelerated innovation.

Accelerated HPC

Enterprises that require vast amounts of compute power have traditionally needed to tie up millions of euros of valuable working capital owning and managing over-engineered compute power for those times of high-compute demand. In addition to the capital expenditure, the operational expenses of maintaining extensive hardware and software consumed a disproportionate amount of IT budgets for all organisations.

The modern cloud has completely changed that landscape, and those businesses that pivot their operations to run their large, complex, deep learning workloads are those that will be at the forefront of the innovation curve by architecting their applications to access virtually unlimited on-demand compute capacity, high-performance file systems, and high-throughput networking.

AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner

We are AWS MAP-compliant.
With Serverless expertise.

Serverless technology can deliver results in what was previously considered the domain of always-on grids.

  • Scale on-demand: Enable faster execution times by allocating more resources when needed, allowing applications to handle a higher volume of executions without delay.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Pay-for-value pricing of serverless services can dramatically reduce running and maintenance costs, as well as undifferentiated work.
  • Agility & Innovation: Modular architecture reduces the risk of change in any individual service. Less time spent on maintenance allows for rapid innovation and the ability to quickly respond to market needs or customer demands.
  • Automated Deployments: Adopt Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and CI/CD pipelines for reliable, repeatable automated deployments.
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Case Studies

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High performance financial modelling
High performance molecular modelling

Introducing HPC Labs

HPC Lab is a 6-8 week programme utilising fourTheorem’s HPC acceleration solution in AWS.

Imagine a world where computations are not restricted by infrastructure limitations,
but amplified by them.

This is the world HPC Lab brings into reality – a fourTheorem high-performance modelling solution built on AWS managed services, optimised for your financial modelling, risk analysis, and high-performance tasks. No more compromises, only powerful results.

Embarking on HPC cloud migration can be a daunting journey. But what if you had a compass? HPC Lab provides a risk-free environment for workload evaluation, offering solid performance metrics and cost insights. You take the driver’s seat in your migration journey. ​​

What are HPC Labs?

HPC Lab is suitable for workloads currently utilising: Bespoke cluster and orchestrations, Tibco, Symphony, Slurm, Hadoop/Spark, or .NET, Python and Java technology, including native C/C++ components.

  • Understand your unique workload characteristics and define a clear scope to evaluate in our HPC Lab.
  • Deploy scalable, HPC infrastructure in AWS using low-maintenance compute services including ECS Lambda.
  • Execute your workload under various high-load conditions.
  • Deliver detailed architecture, performance metrics, technical details and TCO estimates.
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  • Pulse of the future: The technology behind HPC Lab evolves with you, making obsolescence a thing of the past.
  • Infinite scaling: Think beyond the box. No matter the workload size, HPC Lab scales effortlessly.
  • Parallel universe: Execute more workloads concurrently, turbocharging your productivity.
  • Code minimisation: Simplify your engineering with fewer bugs and less code maintenance.
  • Code predictability: Know exactly what you’re investing, with our transparent, fixed pricing for the HPC Lab experience.
  • Integration: We bridge your existing workflows to the AWS universe, minimising migration complexity and disruption.
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