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High Performance Compute

A gateway to accelerated innovation.

Accelerated HPC

Enterprises that require vast amounts of compute power have traditionally needed to tie up millions of euros of valuable working capital owning and managing over-engineered compute power for those times of high-compute demand. In addition to the capital expenditure, the operational expenses of maintaining extensive hardware and software consumed a disproportionate amount of IT budgets for all organisations.

The modern cloud has completely changed that landscape, and those businesses that pivot their operations to run their large, complex workloads are those that will be at the forefront of the innovation curve by architecting their applications to access virtually unlimited on-demand compute capacity, high-performance file systems, and high-throughput networking.

Benefits of Cloud HPC on AWS.

  • Outcompete Traditional Setups: Our HPC solutions consistently outperform on-premises clusters, giving you a competitive edge in your computational tasks. You are no longer limited by fixed-capacity clusters, outdated tech, and resource contention.
  • Elasticity and Scalability: With AWS, every workload can leverage its own dedicated resources. Run anything from hundreds to millions of parallel processes, for calculations, simulations, or any demanding computational task in insurance, investments and asset management.
  • Risk Mitigation: Evolve and adapt without the concerns of on-premises clusters becoming obsolete or underutilised. Run your workload in our HPC Lab to evaluate the best price/performance of technology options before embarking on a transformative migration.
  • Cost Flexibility: Gain transparent insights into your HPC cost structures. Benefit from optimised low-cost Spot instances, run multiple workloads in parallel, explore what-if scenarios, and only pay for what you use.
  • Insights: We implement user-facing dashboards for insight into clusters, jobs and workloads. Our observability solutions give engineering teams full insight into operational health.
  • Compliance: We guide you to a solution that reduces the effort of security and regulatory compliance by taking strategic advantage of AWS Shared Responsibility Model.
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Financial Modelling

Embrace the power of high-performance cloud computing and revolutionize your financial services operations.

By harnessing the capabilities of HPC in the cloud, you can expedite risk analysis, enhance decision-making processes, and meet regulatory requirements with greater certainty than ever before.

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Case Studies

We're on a mission to build better digital businesses.

High performance financial modelling
High performance molecular modelling

Tailored Approaches for Diverse Workload Types.

Including workloads currently utilising: Bespoke cluster and orchestrations, Tibco, Symphony, Slurm, Hadoop/Spark, or .NET, Python and Java technology, including native C/C++ components.

Ideal for simulation and modelling tasks that are:

  • Highly parallelisable
  • Leverage high-throughput computing with tens of thousands of tasks per second
  • Stateless, making workloads easier to troubleshoot
  • Suitable for serverless and container implementations

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Leverage AWS’s specific features like:

  • Cluster placement groups within the same Availability Zone
  • Large instance sizes for reduced network latency
  • Enhanced networking with Elastic Fabric Adapter

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The Right Technology for the Job.

HPC and HTC workloads have different technology needs depending on the industry, performance goals, integration requirements and available skills.

We support multiple platforms, including:

  • EC2, ParallelCluster, Elastic Fabric Adapter: Experience incredibly flexible yet powerful computing capacities and enhanced networking capabilities.
  • AWS Batch: Reduce infrastructure maintenance with managed scheduling and execution across EC2 instances and containers.
  • HTC Grid: Achieve exceptionally high throughput with a balance of serverless orchestration and Kubernetes scalability.
  • ECS, Step Functions, SQS, Lambda and Fargate: Dive into serverless computing for tasks of any magnitude, for instant scale and reduced complexity
  • Commercial HPC Software and Models: Seamlessly integrate established software solutions with AWS’s on-demand infrastructure.
  • Hybrid Models: Need a blend of cloud and on-premises? We cater to hybrid solutions, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.
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We are AWS MAP-compliant.
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