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Workshop format

  • Training is delivered by two fourTheorem Senior Architects.
  • On-site, in-person workshop 10-15 participants.
  • Hands-on, interactive sessions focused on building working software.
  • Training collateral and source code fully available to participants.
  • Reasonable changes to the programme schedule can be made to meet specific requirements.

AWS Enterprise Best Practices

Audience – Operations teams, IT administrators

  • Understand the best practices that will set your AWS organisation up for security, compliance and productivity
  • Establish secure and easy-to-understand methods of providing AWS access to multiple users and groups
  • Get off on the right foot with a secure, scalable and performant network that integrates into existing networks and other AWS accounts
  • Understand security considerations and tooling to stay on top of threats and breaches
  • Know how to establish configuration management to get oversight of all AWS resources and use CloudTrail to monitor and query changes to infrastructure
  • AWS Organisations
  • SSO
  • VPCs
  • Multi-account networking
  • Auditing with CloudTrail
  • Security fundamentals
  • Compliance rules
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AWS Development Fundamentals

Audience – Development teams, DevOps teams and solutions architects

  • Know how to create entire applications using Infrastructure as Code
  • Understand Terraform, CloudFormation, where to use both and how to manage them in a consistent, modular way
  • Putting observability into every application on AWS and using AWS services to monitor, troubleshoot and prevent issues including cost and billing issues!
  • Establish good practices for managing credentials with SSO, IAM, cross-account access and elevated privileges
  • Understand the trade-offs between AWS native CI/CD services and GitHub Actions or other third-party services
  • Working with multiple accounts and environments
  • Infrastructure as Code – CloudFormation and Terraform
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM), how it works and how to make it work for productive development
  • Managing credentials for productivity without compromising security
  • Observability with CloudWatch Logs, Alarms, Metrics and Insights
  • Cost management; tagging, cost explorer and budgets
  • CI/CD: GitHub Actions with AWS, CodeBuild and CodePipeline
  • Development tooling
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Full-stack Serverless Development on AWS with Node.js

Audience – Software development teams, including backend and frontend engineers

We also offer a variant of this training programme aimed for Python developers

  • Prepare developers for full stack serverless development with JavaScript/TypeScript on AWS
  • Be able to understand and contribute to frontend (React), backend (Node.js) and cloud deployments (AWS with CDK)
  • Understand Node.js/JavaScript ecosystems, tooling and development best practices
  • Get people comfortable with the fundamentals and make them able to continue the journey on their own

See what the NN Group had to say about this training.

  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Node.js tooling and ecosystem
  • Callbacks, Promises and async/await
  • Serverless development on AWS
  • AWS CDK and SAM
  • Lambda
  • API Gateway
  • DynamoDB
  • SQS
  • SNS
  • EventBridge
  • Troubleshooting with CloudWatch Logs Insights
  • Testing
  • Frontend development with React
  • Building an example e-commerce application
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Event-Driven Application
Development on AWS

Audience – Software development teams, both backend and frontend engineers

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of all the key AWS services for sending events within and across applications
  • Understand constraints, performance and delivery semantics for every service
  • Know how to integrate services like SQS, SNS, EventBridge and Kinesis to other AWS services, including S3, Lambda, Step Functions, EC2 and ECS
  • Understand how to build a cross-domain event backbone for your organisation and how to resist tight-coupling while building-in consistency and maintainability into your message flows
  • Get comfortable tracing and tracking missing or failed events in development or production workflows
  • Message and event patterns
  • Event buses, pub/sub and point-to-point channels
  • Performance characteristics, delivery guarantees and limits
  • Error handling, monitoring, dead letter queues and redelivery
  • SQS
  • SNS
  • EventBridge
  • Kinesis
  • Kafka and MSK
  • Creating a cross-account event backbone
  • Internal application events
  • Event structure, schemas and validation
  • Integrating events to other AWS services
  • Logging, monitoring and troubleshooting for event-driven applications
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Migrating to a data lakehouse and data analytics in AWS

Audience – Development teams, Data teams and solutions architects

  • Get a deep understanding of the key AWS services used for data storage, querying and transformation
  • Understand which service is best suited to each scenario
  • Understand the cost implications of a real-time v batch ETL job
  • Know how to integrate services like S3, Glue, Lambda, Step Functions and Athena to create an end-to-end data platform
  • Create dashboards and Machine Learning models
  • Creating a Data lakehouse on Amazon S3 (storage)
  • AWS Athena for querying data in the Data lakehouse
  • Using AWS Glue for event-based ETL
  • Data ingestion using batch (upload to S3 / SFTP) and real-time (API Gateway, Transfer Family, Lambda)
  • Build a scheduled task to move data from an on-premise database to AWS.
  • Building dashboards using Power B.I. or Quicksight
  • ETL pipelines using AWS Step Functions.
  • Alerting, monitoring and observability of workloads
  • Using AWS managed A.I. services
  • Creating and deploying machine-learning models
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Bespoke Training

Audience – Custom needs for a specific audience

Work with us to craft a bespoke training that
addresses your most important needs.

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