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Enterprise API Accelerator

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Rapidly architect, configure and deploy a customized enterprise API platform tailored to your specific needs.

Tailored for organizations planning or executing cloud modernization programs, transitioning to an API-first approach, needing to connect on-premises systems to AWS or hybrid clouds, aiming to accelerate developer productivity, adopting APIs and microservices, or building APIs in regulated environments.

Why API-first?

An API-first strategy, correctly implemented, can support resilient business scale up enabling seamless interconnect between domains across an organization. Adoption of API-first has proven to be a game changer for enterprises such as Amazon, Stripe and Netflix.
For many organizations, historically, API development has been ad-hoc and organic, with APIs developed as an afterthought. This can lead to; unsecured APIs, little or no documentation, no discoverability, poor observability, a lack of RESTful best practices, poor developer experience, complex consumption patterns and challenging system integration. All of which can slow development and adoption and impact business goals.


  • Centralize ‘heavy lifting’: A central point for API authentication, authorization and SSO, frees developers to concentrate on business value activities.
  • Discoverability and documentation: Central developer portal and client generation enable teams to discover and consume APIs at pace.
  • Improved observability: Centralized observability for APIs. All logging, metrics and alarms are in one place.
  • Improve developer flow: Accelerate API Development with customizable build and deployment pipeline templates.
  • Event-driven microservices: An API platform forms a core part of any event-driven architecture, supporting rapid microservice development and deployment.
  • On-premise / hybrid cloud: A common API Strategy across providers and on-premises simplifies system integration.
  • Governance and compliance: Meet regulatory requirements for standards such as SOX and DORA with a proven platform architecture.
  • Standards and interoperability: For organizations building APIs for external consumption adherence to good RESTful API design and OpenAPI standards is important.

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