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Migration acceleration

Migrate to the cloud with confidence.

As an AWS MAP Partner, you're in safe hands.

With demonstrated technical expertise in delivering customer cloud migrations, as an AWS MAP Partner fourTheorem can access migration support available under the AWS Migration Acceleration Program on your behalf.

MAP is a proven cloud migration program designed to help move workloads to AWS quickly and easily, in a cost-efficient manner – with AWS funding available at each phase of the migration process, as well as significant discounts for several years after.

Migrating to AWS unlocks efficiencies and operational benefits - but the process can be long, complex, and expensive.

MAP can accelerate your organisation’s cloud migration and modernisation journey through outcome-driven methodology, tooling, and financial incentives.

We follow a three-step approach to migration that uses proven frameworks to reduce the risk and cost for you.

Migration Methodology


Funding available: up to $60K cash towards fourTheorem consultancy fees paid by AWS

  • Conduct a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)
  • Identify desired business objectives & deliverables
  • Complete cost projection for running applications in AWS
  • Develop the business case for migration with Migration Evaluator


Funding available: $1 to $1 customer match – 50% of fourTheorem’s consultancy fees, up to $400K, paid by AWS

  • Create a detailed migration plan – address gaps identified by the MRA
  • Create proof of concept (POC) implementations
  • Build AWS Landing Zone architecture
  • Complete Well-Architected Review for all workloads
  • Run applications in production capacity
  • Develop customer’s cloud capabilities and skills
  • Automate migration with AWS built-in tools, fourTheorem’s Enterprise Cloud Accelerator and Fission

Migrate & Modernise

Funding available: up to 25% of post-migration ARR in cash or AWS credits

  • Execute large-scale migration plan developed during the Mobilise phase
  • Design, migrate, and validate planned workloads to AWS
  • Re-host, re-platform, and re-architect as necessary
  • Use the patterns, processes, tools, resources, and methodology identified and tested during the Mobilise phase
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A serverless architecture for high performance financial modelling

RenaissanceRe is a highly differentiated reinsurance business that combines the best of proprietary analytical tools with the domain-expertise of their people in delivering value for their clients and stakeholders. In 2020 RenaissanceRe decided to stop investing in their on-premises cluster, and to re-imagine the system on AWS. 

fourTheorem are now fully engaged across their tech teams collaborating, architecting and helping to build exciting serverless solutions, in tune with their desired pace of acceleration. Reducing the run time of one process from 10 hours to 1 hour demonstrated the true potential of serverless AWS – the removal of the artificial ceiling the monolith represented, unleashing the power of the cloud.

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Choose fourTheorem as your MAP partner and...

Improve internal capabilities

We will help your Development teams to build strong AWS cloud foundations. Our team are expert in AWS, check out our Training offering.

Accelerate adoption

We are uniquely positioned to help companies make the most of the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that AWS provides.

Reduce migration expenses

We can help you to offset the initial cost of migrations. AWS Partners can leverage MAP funding incentives to assist customers in achieving their business objectives with AWS.

Mitigate risk

The biggest inhibitor to cloud adoption is a lack of skills. We can leverage AWS cloud best practices to reduce the complexity & costs of your migration and improve the chance of success.

Cut carbon emissions

Self-owned and operated IT infrastructure and data centres are major sources of energy use. Moving workloads to the cloud can reduce associated carbon emissions by nearly 80%.

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