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Architecture and platform modernisation

Safeguard existing investments whilst building a path to the future.

We believe in
collaborative transformation

That means collaborative modernisation too.

There is always a path from your mature, legacy systems to a truly modern, cloud-native application. For us, rebuilding from scratch is never the right approach.

We craft modern applications based on the right technology choices for your needs. It is a process that has four distinct phases:


  • Understand business value
  • Establish business goals
  • Document current architecture and technology


  • Safeguard existing systems of value
  • Avoid replacement for the sake of it
  • Establish technology vision
  • Define process for side-by-side evolution of existing and new products/features


  • Select technology and tooling
  • Build a path to the future technology
  • Incremental transformation instead of chaotic rebuild
  • Execute on business and technology vision


  • Implement continuous delivery
  • Automate everything
  • Continually measure business and technology KPIs
  • Build / measure / optimize
  • Rapid feedback loops

In process and in culture.
We can support you in that.

Modernisation brings change

We have been through this experience many times. We want to share with you the benefit of our expertise and make sure that this technological journey we take together is filled with measurable results and long-term success.

Our partnership approach ensures organization and technology transformation go hand-in-hand.
Change can be challenging. But it’s always easier with a guide who’s been there many times.

fourTheorem is your guide in this technological change.
A guide that understands the context of who you are, where you are and your plans for the future.

The Benefits

They are all about positioning you for your own future and that future is bright.

Faster to Market

fourTheorem’s expertise in modern application development allows you to take ownership of services and make updates quicker.

Reliable Applications

Fully automated continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) lets you go way faster without the risk.

Innovation at Speed

Modular architecture reduces the risk of change in any individual service. Reduced maintenance = more time to experiment.

Reduced Costs

Pay-for-value pricing of Serverless services can dramatically reduce running and maintenance costs, as well as undifferentiated work.

AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner

We are AWS MAP-compliant.
With Serverless expertise.

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The future is always changing. We'll keep you there.

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