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The fourTheorem team recently took part in the AWS Community Day Dublin 2020. This event is one of many being made virtual this year and it was great to see the community pull together despite our current remote working circumstances.

The day kicked off with Peter Elger and Eoin Shanaghy hosting the ‘Cat Detector Workshop’, where participants were shown how to build a serverless image recognition system on AWS. During the workshop Peter and Eoin guided AWS Community participants through a 10 step process to build the system, which utilized a number of AWS technologies including S3, Lambda, SQS and Amazon’s image recognition AI service, Rekognition.

Later in the day, Peter also gave a talk entitled ‘AI as a Service – the fast track to AI with Serverless’. In this talk Peter discussed the commoditization of AI and Machine Learning and how this can best be utilised to rapidly build business solutions.

Both the talk and workshop were based on the recently published Manning Publications book ‘AI as a Service’ co-written by Peter and Eoin.


If you were unable to attend the workshop don’t panic, you can still try it out yourself by checking out fourTheorem’s GitHub page:

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