Great National Hotels - Revanista

Serverless revenue management on AWS


Great National Hotels operate a group of hotel properties in Ireland and the U.K. They possess unique business intelligence in hotel room price optimisation and provide this as a service to their own and other hotel groups. Great National saw an opportunity to develop a technology platform and deliver this intelligence to hotel operators across the globe as a cloud service. This new platform is called Revanista.

The Challenge

  • Great National knew there was a massive opportunity to leverage the cloud and build a technology-enabled hotel rate optimisation platform. They had business intelligence but lacked the required internal technology expertise

  • Needed a partner that had expertise to leverage AI

fourTheorem Solution

  • Designed, built and deployed fully Serverless solution on AWS
  • Interviewed candidates and built a development team for Revanista within Great National
  • Full handover to internal team with ongoing development/architecture guidance and mentorship from fourTheorem

The Outcome

  • System in production generating hotel prices within three months
  • Technology team up and running within Revanista
  • Serverless solution meant no technology CAPEX, near-zero operating costs and massively scalable for future growth