AWS based platform modernisation


VoiceSage delivers interactive customer communications solutions. Brands including PayPal, ShopDirect, and Capital One rely on VoiceSage to reduce inbound call volumes, increase appointments and deliveries, reduce debt and enable real-time customer conversations.

Their cloud-based messaging product delivers more than 2 million messages a day. In the UK alone, more than 44 million individual phones have received a VoiceSage message at some time.

The Challenge

  • Mature platform hindered ability to deploy new features and products.
  • Platform instability, slow turnaround of fixes, customer frustration
  • High staff turnover due to technology issues

fourTheorem Solution

  • In-depth review and technology roadmap
  • Incremental platform modernization
  • Cloud-native transition with Microservices and Kafka Event Bus
  • Continuous Deployment of PCI and ISO-27001 certified system

The Outcome

  • An end to instability. Restored customer trust led to increased revenue
  • Huge performance increase – 70x increase in transaction rate
  • Happy staff – retention and attraction issue resolved