“By partnering with fourTheorem we have the same flexibility with scaling our tech team as with our Serverless platform – rapid, responsive, leading edge.


When you are a non-tech founder you need to be able to trust your development team implicitly. They held my hand but also didn’t dumb-down the communications with me on stand-ups and sprint sessions. I consider them technology geniuses and trust their advice, guidance and capabilities to the ends of the earth.”
– Shana Chu, Founder

What we provided

TAILR wanted an instantly scalable solution to solve the problems of individual designers with small portfolios as well as global brands with thousands of produce lines.

Acting as the ‘Outsourced CTO’ as well as the outsourced development team, fourTheorem came in to build the cutting-edge Serverless platform on AWS.

TAILR was  founded with a desire to bring about sustainable change by the creation of an innovative fashion platform targeting waste-reduction by digitising the garment tech-pack journey from designer to production.