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The Waterford Tech Meetup was hosted by Marco Troisi and Jason Madigan | Wednesday 28th March

fourTheorem’s CEO Peter Elger was invited to present at the most recent get-together of the Waterford Tech meetup group. This group meets on the last Wednesday of every month, and offers members a chance to socialise and learn from like-minded people covering a wide range of technical topics.

Waterford Tech photo 1

The evening began with UCC engineering PhD candidate Alison O’Shea presenting on the use of deep learning techniques to better understand the brainwaves (EEG) of newborn babies. Alison works at the INFANT Centre, Cork, and explained that this technique has been used to detect brain-wave abnormalities such as seizures in infants.

Alison showcased the results of the research to-date, and gave a brief look into where technology might lead research in the future. It is always great to see how these types of serious real life issues are being positively impacted through technological innovations such as deep learning, and we are thankful that academics such as Alison are constantly pushing the envelope in this important area of research.

Peter Elger then followed with a brief introduction to machine learning, providing some practical notes on how a generalist programmer could start playing with TensorFlow.

The session provided a background on machine learning techniques followed by a demo of AWS GPU-based model training and testing. Peter finished with a practical working example that used TensorFlow on a standard training data-set (V1 Softmax). He also gave brief tutorials on TensorFlow and TensorFlow Convolutional Neural Network.

The evening was a huge success and a great learning experience, allowing fourTheorem to continue to connect with motivated people who show a keen interest in the tech scene. We would like to thank the Waterford Tech Meetup group for allowing fourTheorem to take part and contribute to their community!

To share your thoughts, or to speak to a member of the fourTheorem team, get in touch today.