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Chief Technical Officer

Eoin Shanaghy

Transformation occurs more often than you think. It happens when you challenge your intuition and assumptions, when you look at objective measurements and when you commit to incremental changes based on regular feedback and evaluation. This is Continuous Improvement at it’s finest and most powerful.

I’m a seasoned technology leader, architect and developer with experience in building and scaling systems for dynamic startups and large enterprises including 3G network management systems, Enterprise Java, designing and building real-time trading applications, Digital Video and e-Learning.

Prior to co-founding fourTheorem, I founded Showpiper, a video content marketing startup.

I’m the Published Author of AI as a Service, and the co-host of the AWS Bites Podcast.

We took our experience of AWS Serverless and Machine Learning technologies to create an engineers guide to artificial intelligence:
'AI as a Service'.

AI as a Service is available for purchase from Manning publications.

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Blogs written by Eoin
AWS and ServerlessEoin ShanaghyEvent-Driven ArchitectureLuciano Mammino
April 17, 2022

What do you need to know about SNS?

We have already talked about SQS and EventBridge, let’s now discuss SNS: Simple Notification Service. SNS is often compared to EventBridge since they seem to provide many similar features.
SQSAWS and ServerlessEoin ShanaghyEvent-Driven ArchitectureLuciano Mammino
February 26, 2022

What do you need to know about SQS?

A good understanding of event-driven architecture and how to apply it is an important skill for developers and architects alike. There are many AWS services that can help you when…
Embrace MonorepoDevOpsAWS and ServerlessEoin ShanaghyMicroservices
July 3, 2019

How to end Microservice pain and embrace the Monorepo

For microservice projects, the overhead isn't too bad at the start, but quickly gets out of hand as you add more services, libraries and dependencies.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is not just about the Software Code and Cutting Edge Technologies. We understand that. We deliver it every day, rapidly and effectively.

It’s about the ability to Understand the Context in Question and Problem Solve the Solution. That’s why we built fourTheorem and it’s what we deliver in collaborative partnership with all our clients and in every engagement.

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