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It’s time to seriously evaluate your technology position – take a hard and honest look at where it stands and how it’s impacting your business. All businesses require digital transformation as part of their short and longer-term strategies. To be truly successful, a business must embrace change and foster innovation which, experts agree, often requires partnering with the right third party. Over 50% of leaders identified as being highly effective at advancing their business strategy, partner with outside organisations to achieve this goal according to a Harvey Nash/KPMG survey (2017).

The Times UK, Raconteur September 26, 2018

fourTheorem is one such outside organisation; a team of seasoned technologists uniquely qualified and skilled to provide an unbiased eye, prioritize activities that give the biggest impact to the bottom line, and then quickly execute on the agreed digital transformation plan.

The Times UK, Raconteur (2)

“Working with a knowledgeable and experienced IT partner is essential to guarantee every stage of the digital transformation journey.”

Paul Richardson, Head of Transformation SCC

(The Times UK, Raconteur September 26, 2018)

Whether you have a small project to gain efficiencies or a larger monolithic migration, fourTheorem is the experienced partner you want scoping, architecting, and developing alongside your team. Since people and culture can be the biggest roadblocks to digital implementation, innovation, and change (Deloitte/MIT Sloan Management Review 2018), we provide the right balance between design and delivery expertise whilst temporarily augmenting your workforce. We facilitate the critical process of upskilling and knowledge transfer to your workforce, ensuring the success of your on-going technology strategy.

“For digital transformation to have real meaning and be effective, it must be an ongoing process central to business strategy.”

Digital transformation is often about scalability, reliability and driving benefits for the organisation in terms of cutting costs and raising revenues. If you fail to adopt new technologies and strategies your business will fail to meet its goals; you’ll be a laggard rather than a leader and your competitors will overtake you in the marketplace. fourTheorem is the partner of choice – we can step in to facilitate any part of the technology life cycle and afford your organization the expertise to build a solid foundation now and for the future, as well as harnessing our expertise around the consumption of AI/ML services delivered through a Serverless framework.

Digital Transformation for Scale & Profit (fourTheorem)

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