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Hosted by Peter Elger and Keelin Murphy

Cork AI returned with a bang following the summer break! This was the sixth event sponsored by fourTheorem Ltd and as always exquisite pizza and craft beer was provided to all attendees! All future events will be posted to Cork AI and on our twitter account @fourtheorem so if you’ve missed this event make sure to keep an eye out for future sessions on all things AI.

Our guest speaker Johannes Ahlmann presented on the use of public datasets & APIs for both fun and profit.

About Johannes

Johannes is the CEO of Fluquid Ltd, specializing in natural language processing (NLP), web crawling, and blockchain development. He has recently focused on client intelligence, lead generation, and extracting structured information from unstructured datasets.

Topics Covered
  • Johanne’s recommended repositories based on Github Archive data
  • Proposed videos to watch based on the Youtube API
  • Analysed social and language patterns based on Reddit posts and comments
  • Analysed trends using the Twitter API
  • Followed world events using GDELT news coverage
  • Showed how to enrich applications using structured Wikipedia/ wikidata/ dbpedia/ yago entries
  • Demonstrated how to analyse the web using CommonCrawl data
Johannes’s Presentation

Presentation and code can be accessed here.

Cork AI meetups are non-profit events that allow like-minded individuals to connect as a community, share knowledge, and gain experience through a common interest in AI and tech. The purpose of this blog post is to provide a summary for anyone who might have missed the event. A huge thanks to our organisers, speakers, and attendees for another successful evening. We hope to see you all at Cork AI #7!


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