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Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Conor Maher

Conor’s areas of interest are security, infrastructure as code and serverless technologies.

With over a decade of experience using AWS, Conor has become a self-professed “cloud wrangler,” and loves working with teams and organisations of all sizes to help them get the most from the cloud.

Conor runs the AWS User Group in the South East and enjoys knowledge sharing and events.


AWS User Group South East

The AWS User Group for the South East is for professionals, enthusiasts and hobbyists who use Amazon Web Services. The group hosts deep-dive technical talks from individuals and companies in the South East doing amazing things on the AWS platform.

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Blogs written by Conor

AWS and ServerlessConor MaherDevOps
August 18, 2023

Using AWS Resource Access Manager to share an Aurora cluster for development

In this blog post, we will explore some simple patterns for sharing centrally managed development resources to an arbitrary number of other development AWS accounts.

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