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27th July 2023: fourTheorem, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier Services Partner, adept in high-performance computing, application migration, modernisation and cloud architecture, announced today that it has achieved the AWS Service Delivery designation for Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS).

This designation verifies fourTheorem’s Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate advocacy, with service deployments that follow AWS architectural and operational best practices and are actively used by customers in production environments.


Enterprises undergoing digital transformation journeys often turn to AWS Partners, who are experts in deploying, managing and scaling containerised applications. However, finding the right solution provider who can evaluate application migration needs from on-premises to the cloud, assess an IT environment, integrate with other AWS services or software vendors, help with workload deployment, and operate or optimise services on their behalf can be challenging in today’s environment. Amazon ECS Delivery Partners like fourTheorem, specialise in providing scalable, reliable, and secure container orchestration with both managed and serverless computing approaches.

The Amazon ECS Delivery designation is the way to differentiate AWS Partners who have invested resources in developing and adhering to architectural and operational practices, and who are demonstrating the ability to deploy and operationalise these solutions repeatedly, at scale with customers.

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support these solutions’ seamless integration and deployment, AWS established the AWS Service Delivery Program to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

“Running advanced container workloads at scale can be a serious operational burden - our approach to containers on Amazon ECS gives you scalability, high availability and fault tolerance without unnecessary complexity.”

Eoin ShanaghyfourTheorem CTO and Co-Founder
About fourTheorem:

Pioneering software company fourTheorem is adept in high-performance computing, application migration, modernisation and cloud architecture. With deep expertise in modern application development and serverless technologies, we help our clients cut time to value, achieve accelerated innovation and reduce overhead and maintenance costs in a sustainable fashion. For more information, please visit