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fourTheorem recently partnered on a long term project with theatrical automation specialist Verendus Industries . Headquartered in Florida with a manufacturing facility in Maryland, they specialize in helping clients solve difficult automation problems, with services including design and consultation, mechanical and electrical fabrication, manufacturing and testing of existing or custom products, final installation and system turnover. They pride themselves on their practical industry experience and agility in problem solving.

With a long history of designing and manufacturing high quality hardware and electronic solutions for the theatrical automation world, their technology is mission critical in well known shows and spectacles around the globe. Think of all the flying performers and moving scenery you’ve witnessed in shows from the likes of Disney and Cirque du Soleil – this is what they do!

“fourTheorem was pivotal to our success in moving to market with a brand new theatrical automation product, establishing a clear vision for our technology, architecture and DevOps strategy.”

Paul Kelm, CEO Verendus Industries

“We had a software product end goal in mind but a completely blank drawing board in terms of how to achieve this strategically critical objective. fourTheorem’s guidance and expertise during the design and architecture phase, as well as their understanding and sensitivity around the safety specifications, gave us huge confidence that we had picked the right partner to help us realize the full potential of this product.”

– Jeremy Day, President, Verendus Industries

fourTheorem + Verendus Industries

Research visit to a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. L to R: Paul Kelm, James Dadd, Peter Elger, Eoin Shanaghy, Jeremy Day

The pair went on to say:

“fourTheorem’s extensive experience and deep understanding of industrial automation as well as emerging technologies guided us clearly and gave us the confidence to move quickly with a clear vision for our architecture. The key differentiator was their relentless commitment to our business goals and objectives. fourTheorem took the time to understand the value that our hardware solutions bring to the market, and aligned the software vision to compliment and amplify the Verendus Industries’ brand. The theatrical automation industry is dominated by traditional, cumbersome technology. fourTheorem applied cloud microservice principles, web standards, and DevOps thinking to give Verendus Industries a competitive edge and huge potential for revenue growth. As a result, we are well on the way to delivering the first minimum viable product to market, and a significant step closer to launching a fully featured market competitive offering.”

Peter Elger (CEO at fourTheorem) said about the project:

“We are thrilled to be invited to work with the Verendus Industries’ team. Our mutually shared values of quality, safety, and maniacal focus on the customer makes decision making easy, and smooths the whole software development process. The project itself is different to many that we have worked on, and presents an interesting challenge from a developer perspective. This Greenfield project combines traditional micro-services and web technologies coupled with industrial automation hardware, field-bus technology, and proprietary consoles.”

fourTheorem is a non-traditional software design and development business. We help organizations from start-up, through digital transformation and platform rescue, to the adoption of advanced AI and Serverless services deployed to cloud platforms. We focus on business outcomes and up-skilling, rock-solid strategy and planning, scalable design, and cost-efficient technology and DevOps adoption.

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