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fourTheorem recently delivered a successful project for VoiceSage, with the main goal being to provide first-class results swiftly, enabling them to transition to the latest cloud based technologies with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Our project team focused on implementing solutions that met VoiceSage’s immediate tactical needs whilst also positioning them to achieve their longer term strategic goals.

“fourTheorem was critical to our success in moving to AWS and establishing a clear vision for our technology, architecture, and DevOps strategy. We had an established, mature software platform and needed clear guidance on how we could use our cloud migration as the opportunity to modernize the architecture, scale rapidly, and deploy frequently whilst maintaining all existing services to our large customer base. fourTheorem’s extensive experience and deep understanding of emerging technologies guided us clearly and gave our teams the confidence to move quickly with a clear vision for our architecture. The key differentiator was their relentless commitment to our business goals and objectives. Rather than advising us to start from scratch, fourTheorem took the time to understand the value in our live system and work through the complexity of evolving it into a state-of-the-art, event-driven cloud platform. As a result, we’re now able to deliver more rapidly to our existing customers as well as delivering on our ambitions for new products and worldwide deployment.”

Paul Cogan, COO, VoiceSage

Peter Elger, CEO at fourTheorem, said about the project:

“As a privately held international technology company leading the way in automated customer contact communications, it was a privilege for fourTheorem to be invited to work hand-in-hand with all parts of VoiceSage’s organization. We provided independent unbiased advice combined with best of breed technology choices that aligned with and supported their longer term goals and overall roadmap. fourTheorem equipped VoiceSage with the best tools to smooth their cloud migration journey, as well as developing and growing their architecture and devops strategies in order to outpace their market competitors.”

About VoiceSage

VoiceSage was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Dublin and Birmingham. VoiceSage has deep heritage and experience in delivering transformational interactive customer communications solutions that streamline and add value to high-volume contact activities. Household brands including PayPal, ShopDirect, and Capital One rely on VoiceSage to reduce inbound call volumes, increase appointments and deliveries, reduce debt and enable real-time customer conversations. VoiceSage cloud-based messaging products and services deliver more than 2 million messages a day. In the UK alone, more than 44 million individual phones have received a VoiceSage message at some time.

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