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Secure Cloud Adoption, Deployment & Migration.

AWS Cloud Accelerators

Build secure, scalable, high-performance cloud environments.

Many companies are looking to achieve the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability, flexibility, and cost savings, but are facing challenges in getting there. These challenges may include technical complexities, legacy systems, security concerns, or a lack of expertise and resources.

Cloud accelerators simplify and accelerate the cloud adoption process for organisations by providing tools, best practices and expertise tailored to specific use cases including data centre migration, application modernisation, and cloud operations.

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Our Accelerators

We are future focused with an eye on the technologies that are right for you

AWS Enterprise Cloud Accelerator

A comprehensive solution to ensure you get off on the right foot when leaping into AWS. Avoid re-work and project delays by rapidly establishing best practices in account and organisation structure, governance, security, and cost management.

Data Mesh Accelerator

fourTheorem’s Data Mesh Accelerator enables customers to rapidly pilot and explore the benefits of a data mesh in a risk-free environment, short-circuiting analysis paralysis.

SLIC Starter – Serverless Accelerator

SLIC Starter is an open-source production-grade reference application that you can use to kick-start your own product and save 80% of the typical setup time for a modern application in AWS.

SLIC Watch – Observability Accelerator

SLIC Watch provides automatic, best-practice CloudWatch Dashboards and Alarms on an application level.

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