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Fission systemically identifies and extracts services from monolithic architectures, enabling the rapid migration of legacy applications to a modern cloud-native architecture. Leave the guesswork out of it and get data-driven insights.

A collaboration with DCU and Lero.

In 2019 we entered into a collaboration with DCU and Lero.
The problem we set out to address was clear. How can we reduce the risks and costs associated with migrating existing ICT systems to modern, microservice based architectures?
Our research resulted in the development of our ‘Fission’ product – proprietary, expert tooling that harnesses AI in Software Architectural Transformation.

Why use Fission?

Many monolithic platforms contain millions of lines of code, where the corporate memory around dependencies has been lost, leading to old systems being patched up without the ability to harness modern cloud services.
Deconstructing these monolithic systems is time-consuming, frustrating, and risky. Consequently, many organizations focus on frontend tweaks, delaying necessary changes, and increasing their technical debt and vulnerability to disruption by cloud-native newcomers in their market segment.


  • Accelerated transformation: Rapidly accelerate the uncoupling of structures and dependencies within existing monolithic platforms.
  • Risk reduction: Dramatically mitigate the potential risks linked to cloud migration and modernization.
  • Expertise: Gain invaluable support from our seasoned team of experts for a seamless transition.
  • Cost efficiency: Minimize your initial expenditures on setup and training, saving valuable resources.

How does it work?


  • Build and run codebase
  • Build and run collection
  • End-to-end testing


  • Pre-process data
  • Detect entry points
  • Identification algorithms


  • Extract candidate services
  • Generate services deployable components

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