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september, 2023

JavaScript Global Summit '23Did you know JavaScript has iterators?

Event Details

Luciano Mammino will be at JavaScript Global Summit ’23 on September 20th, delivering his virtual talk ‘Did you know JavaScript has iterators?’.

How many ways do you know to do iteration with JavaScript and Node.js? While, for loop, for…in, for..of, .map(), .forEach(), streams, iterators, etc! Yes, there are a lot of ways! But did you know that JavaScript has iteration protocols to standardise synchronous and even asynchronous iteration? In this workshop we will learn about these protocols and discover how to build iterators and iterable objects, both synchronous and asynchronous. We will learn about some common use cases for these protocols, explore generators and async generators (great tools for iteration) and finally discuss some hot tips, common pitfalls, and some (more or less successful) wild ideas!


All Day (Tuesday)


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