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You have a new idea, a concept, a high-level requirement that is going to bring incredible value to your business and now need to take it to the next level by bringing it to life.

Many organisations run into roadblocks at this stage such as resource constraints, lack of expertise, and technology choice paralysis. Any one of these can be detrimental to a project forcing it to stall and/or deplete funds rapidly.

So why go through this pain? It is key to becoming a software-defined and software-driven business. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 75 percent of application purchases supporting digital business will be “build,” not “buy.” In the same timeframe, Gartner also predicts that more than 75 percent of organizations will deploy advanced analytics as part of a platform or analytics application to improve business decision-making (Gartner, August 27, 2015).

fourTheorem is unique in its experience and ability to provide full end to end support for new projects. We love the challenge of the blank canvas and have safely guided many projects through this early nascent period and successfully into production.

fourTheorem’s secret sauce is its team of seasoned technologists with hundreds of successful software projects, across many industry verticals. From the outset, we work alongside you to go beyond the technology and build a comprehensive product roadmap ensuring the right foundation is built and the product remains scalable throughout its life.

fourTheorem ties the technology to your business goals ensuring that the system architecture matches your unique roadmap and budget. Our technical expertise and results-focused approach ensure we use the right technologies to solve the right problem – not what is easiest. It is about an MVP focus using a hyper Agile checklist driven workflow, resulting in continuous deployments to staging and production, and weekly demos.

Here at fourTheorem, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and how it is consumed by businesses through our day-to-day project work as well as partnering with academia. As a result, we are pioneering the use of AI/ML and the world of Serverless solutions, enabling businesses of all sizes to embed powerful AI technologies into their software systems through the application of powerful cloud-native AI services – the “Serverless AI” approach.

Our mission is to democratize the availability of AI/ML and Serverless solutions for Small and Medium-sized businesses, ensuring that these revolutionary technologies are not just the preserve of those with deep pockets.

To share your thoughts, or to speak to a member of the fourTheorem team, get in touch today.