“fourTheorem have been a highly valued innovation partner for us. Super smart people with an in-depth knowledge of AWS. Their high calibre people are adept at applying the appropriate technology to solve complex business problems. We don’t see enough of that in the market. An ability to attract that level of talent is a real differentiator.”

What we provided

RenaissanceRe is a highly differentiated reinsurance business that combines the best of proprietary analytical tools with the domain-expertise of their people in delivering value for their clients and stakeholders. In that way they are a great cultural fit for fourTheorem’s people-led technology solutions.

We are fully engaged across their tech teams collaborating, architecting and helping to build exciting serverless solutions, in tune with their desired pace of acceleration. Reducing the run time of one process from 10 hours to 1 demonstrated the true potential of serverless AWS – the removal of the artificial ceiling the monolith represented, unleashing the power of the cloud.

Learn more about our work with RenaissanceRe here.